Complete Houserule Document

Complete Houserules Document

• General Table Rules
o At the table, I ask your attention. If you text/yammer/etc to a disruptive amount, I’ll have an issue. I trust none of you will, and since I know most of you, that hasn’t been an issue… ever, so we should be good.
o Roll publicly please.
o ALWAYS check things with me before you go ahead, at least mechanically. RP is up to you, of course. ☺
o Beyond that, most of the table rules are just common sense, politeness things. Clean up messes, be respectful of others, etcetcetc. You’re all chill folks, so I trust this won’t be a concern.
o As a warning, you are welcome to do anything broken or crazy that you want. Just know that such opens it up for me to do it back to you. Weigh your choice carefully in this.

• Character Generation:
o Stats are generated as 4d6b3, reroll all 1s (the minimum stat you can have is a 6, you’re welcome). Roll three complete blocks of 6, and select your favorite block. Present me all three blocks upon my review of your sheet so I can see them.
o HP will be rolled in my presence, for fairness. I may allow rerolls, depending on results (I mean, if you roll all 1s, yeah, you get rerolls).
o Wealth is as per normal for level 5 (9,000 gp). No more than 1/3 of this may be spent on any single item. Run all purchases by me before confirming them.

• Source Material:
o Tome of Battle is banned, though feats are permitted (Martial Study and derivatives are not).
o The Book of Erotic Fantasy is banned, due to this not being the appropriate venue for that book’s material.
o Dragon Magazine material is on a “provide me the full info, and ask nicely, and I’ll think about it” basis. I tend to say yes, but I need direct sources (issue number and page number).
o Dragon Compendium is fully permitted. Just let me know ahead of time.
o Though we are not playing in Eberron or the Forgotten Realms, material from those books is appropriate. Just run everything by me before you take it, so I can check it.
o We do not use the standard deities, but instead use the Forgotten Realms deities, from the source book Faiths and Pantheons (ask if you need the book, I will provide you the PDF if you so desire).
o We use the standard planar structure (details in Manual of the Planes, and in Planescape from AD&D 2nd Edition).

• Base Classes:
o The Player’s Handbook classes are hereby overridden by the Pathfinder Core Handbook’s base classes (these can be found at
o The Druid is as printed in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, but without spell casting.
o The Ranger uses the Druid spell list up to level 4 spells instead of its normal list.
o The Monk has the following added to it’s class description section:
• Iterative Movement (Ex)
At 6th level, when a monk takes a full-attack action he may make a 5-foot step between each attack made during the full-round action. The 5-foot steps granted by Iterative Movement are an exception to the restriction of only one 5-foot step per turn. The monk may still take a standard 5-foot step in the turn when Iterative Movement is used.

Under the Weapons and Armor Proficiency section of the Monk one line should be modified to: When wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, a monk loses his AC bonus, as well as his fast movement, flurry of blows and iterative movement abilities.

o The Artificer is banned.
o The Factotum is banned.
o The Erudite is crazy banned.
o The Sorcerer does not take a full-round action to use metamagic on his spells, and can make use of Quicken Spell.

• Prestige Classes:
o Incantrix is banned.
o Planar Shepherd is banned.
o Ur-Priest is banned.
o Dweomerkeeper is banned.
o Beholder Mage will get you lit on fire at the table.
o Frenzied Berserker is not banned, but it is highly discouraged as being damaging to the part.
o Abuse of Circle Magic (from Red Wizard and Halruuan Elder) is discouraged.
o If it’s on the +2 list in this link,, you may wish to ask before taking it.

• Feats:
o We are not using any Pathfinder feats.
o Persistent Spell is banned, and good goddamn riddance to it.
o Desert Wind Dodge is Su and does not require a Desert Wind maneuver to take, merely Dex 13.
o Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, and Two-Weapon Defense are all removed, and Two-Weapon Fighting is amended to give iterative attacks with the off-hand as you gain iterative attacks with the main hand, and it gives the effects of Two-Weapon Defense at all times.
o Precise Shot grants the benefits of both itself and Improved Precise Shot (the latter is removed).
o Dodge and Mobility are combined into Dodge. Additionally, Dodge functions at all times as a flat bonus.
o The save booster feats (Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, and Great Fortitude) are amended to all grant +2 to saves and to permit a reroll of the associated save once per day.
o The +2 to two skill feats (such as Acrobatic) are removed. In their place is the following feat:
• Skilled [General]
• Benefit: When you take this feat, you gain a +2 bonus to any two skills of your choice.
• Special: This feat may be taken multiple times for different skills each time.
o The feat Firearm Proficiency has been added. It grants proficiency with firearms.
o Initiate of Mystra is banned. Really, really banned.
o Item familiars are banned.
o Sanctum Spell is banned.
o Lightning Maces is banned.

• Spells/Spell-likes/Powers/etc:
o Spells that deal hit point damage gain an additional 1 damage per die, per two spell levels. So, level 1-2’s get +1 per die, 3-4’s get +2, etc.
o Cantrips/Orisons are at-will. Cure/Inflict Minor Wounds do not exist.
o Many, many spells are banned. Run your spell list by me at all times.

• Metamagic:
o Metamagic cannot be reduced to 0 unless it starts at 0, in which case it cannot be reduced below 0 by any method.

• Magic Items/Crafting:
o I give a lot of custom magic gear. To that end, I want a list from each of you concerning what general kind of gear that you’d like your characters to receive over the course of the game (not something like “I want an axe”, but “I want an axe that I can throw and it’ll come back to be, and can shoot lightning” or whatever).
o Custom item creation is always something I’m a big fan of. If you want to make items, feel free to talk to me about such, and we’ll make it happen.
o Aptitude weapons are banned.
o Dust of Sneezing and Choking is banned.
o Thought Bottle is banned.

• Skills:
o The skill list is amended to the following list. Anything with any of the subsumed skills (such as Balance, Jump, or Spot) has the new skill on its list instead, and any requirements for anything, such as PrCs or whatnot, use the newly created skill instead.
• Acrobatics (Balance, Tumble, and Escape Artist, Dex-based)
• Athletics (Swim, Climb, and Jump, Str-based)
• Appraise
• Autohypnosis
• Battle Meditation (Iaijutsu Focus, Cha-based)
• Bluff
• Craft
• Concentration
• Diplomacy
• Disable Device (also serves as Open Lock, Dex-based)
• Disguise
• Heal
• Handle Animal
• Heal
• Intimidate
• Knowledge
• Linguistics (Decipher Script and Forgery, Int-based)
• Perception (Spot and Listen, Wis-based)
• Perform
• Profession
• Ride
• Sense Motive
• Spellcraft
• Stealth (Hide and Move Silently, Dex-based)
• Survival
• Use Magic Device
o At the start of each session, I will ask players for a set of d20 rolls, probably about 20 each. These are used for secret checks, and for reactive Spot checks or whatnot.

• Homebrew:
o Anything listed here is guaranteed to be fine (exceptions will be listed, if there are any).
o Personal Work:
• The Measure of a Man (new weaponry):
• Adamantly Magical (new materials, we are using these instead of the normal materials):
• New Reserve Feats (introduced in Complete Mage):
• Many new spells:,,
o The Parry Mechanic is in use.
o The Magitech Templar, Mark X.
o The Corruptor (dammit I hate the name Debaser).
o The Miniature Golems.

Complete Houserule Document

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